At Nutritional Consultants of California, your authorized Standard Process representatives, we are dedicated to providing the most comprehensive customer service to you and your patients by committing to the following principles:


We respect the individual and the role that they play in our success. We encourage diverse perspectives and foster an environment where people feel comfortable expressing their opinions, their ideas, and their individual needs.


We recognize the many responsibilities associated with our work. We are guided by the regulations that govern the whole food supplement and herbal industry and we ensure that the actions of every team member honor these rules.


We value innovation as the foundation of helping people today and providing for a healthier tomorrow. We draw upon the scientific expertise of our researchers and the creative talents and diverse thinking of our team to create world-class service.


We are honest with ourselves and with others. We follow the letter and the spirit of the law and we meet our own ethical standards in every professional interaction. We always strive to do the right thing.


We prize our collaborative atmosphere where respect for others and confidence in the abilities of our team members is paramount. The power of our collective experience delivers individual and team success.

Committed to you by
Eric O’ Connor
Managing Director/Owner